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Viale Fosse 30 36061
Bassano del Grappa Vicenza

Who we are



A story of passion and vision born and told by the hands of master craftsmen.

Seeking out the best version of yourself knowing that you can count on those details capable of transforming every adventure into an experience, all the way into exploring the unknown.

This is CYBRO’s mission, an Italian company founded in 2019 with the aim of designing, shaping, producing through customization, premium bikes that last over time and respect environmental sustainability. For CYBRO the bicycle is a faithful adventure companion that can fit in every moment of the day, and whose design is the cornerstone of the Made in Italy that transforms the assembly of a bike into a true masterpiece.

CYBRO embodies the Italian passion and manufacturing technology, designing to make a difference, with the desire to make bike lovers pioneers of new paths to be experienced, with enthusiasm, from the first to the last meter.

The pursuit of perfection and the love for the iconic charm of the bike make CYBRO the harmonic result of the fusion between bold geometries and excellent materials. Audacity, sportiness and elegance are the three key points of a cycling experience technologically advanced but at the same time simple; just as simple as the act of pedaling.


CYBRO is the acronym for CYcle BROs, every person who buys a Cybro bike becomes a brother, the perfect travel companion with whom to live a common passion.

CYBRO’s futuristic vision was conceived a few years ago in a small experimental laboratory of 27 square meters in Bassano del Grappa, where they carried out refurbishing services and on demand customizations. From there, within a short time, an ever-increasing growth. The keystone was the ability to immediately understand the desires and demands of customers combined with the empathy and expertise to develop something unique, by making them even more involved.

The natural inclination to customization developed for the customer and the technologies used to create unique models, have inspired what is the current reality of CYBRO: a company with a new ultra-green facility in Bassano Del Grappa (VI), where sustainability and clean energy go hand in hand with production and recycling materials. The staff, young and creative, ranges from marketing to design, research and development, dealing with the best automotive suppliers and contaminating themselves with experiences that contribute to increasing the quality of the work.

The entire production line, is in fact the result of ideas originated by different people. CYBRO has been able to gather the best from each one of them, acting as a bridge.

bike wheel

Customization as a plus


Customizing a bike is not a trend, but the extreme pleasure of having a vehicle that reflects the rider’s body and soul.

On the racetrack or in the city, on the road or on single track, along dirt trails or in the woods, style, comfort and CYBRO’s performance transform every rider’s daily routine into an unforgettable adventure. The seven available styles, 6 of which united by a belt drive, represent a different approach to living one’s own dimension on the pedals, with the plus of being each one a unique piece of the collection identifiable through an ID NUMBER PLATE in carbon that comes free with every frame.

Criterium Track

City E-bike single speed con sistema Zehus Optional

Touring 20``



MTB Front

E-MTB/Enduro (the jewel of the collection)

Innovation and technology are the basis of CYBRO’s philosophy and introduce the rider to a whole new scenario of complete customization, where the bike becomes the means by which he can express himself and his emotions at all times.

Each new model is made using materials such as aluminum EN7075, patented state-of-the-art alloys, carbon fiber and Kevlar. Moreover, the frame is completely custom-designed together with the customer, who becomes an integral part in the creation of the bike he has always dreamed of. In addition, CYBRO customers are granted immediate access to an exclusive website section where they can receive all the support and information they need.
This allows for an even stronger connection between producer and consumer that is the basis of our corporate philosophy.